DON’T GIVE UP ..........

Don’t give up whatever life brings
Continue to move forward & strive to succeed
Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams
But hold on to them diligently.

No one said life would never be tough
No one said things would never be rough.

It’s easy to be strong
When things are going well,
But it takes extra courage
When things aren’t so well.

If what comes your way does not break you,
Then all it can do is to strengthen you.
And in a little while, it will shape you –
Into a tougher, wiser, and more confident person.

Relax if need be, but do not give in.
Remain strong and don’t be beaten.

Your strength is not in giving in
But in not quitting and in hoping to WIN.

(I found it today in an old diary, which I had noted from a magazine (perhaps WISDOM) 14 years ago)


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