Re-inventing MYSELF

People say “Second Life starts after forty”. It is true for so many persons. Many persons change their professions, some become entrepreneurs, some write books, many start new hobbies, few join fitness clubs and so on …

Similar thing is happening with me. I am reflecting about my work and life, exploring new avenues and re-inventing myself. I am focusing on LEADERSHIP from MANAGEMENT, INSPIRATION than INFORMATION, building KNOWLEDGE rather than only collecting data, COACHING rather than IMPLEMENTING. I am concentrating on my CORE COMPETENCIES rather than exhausting energy on too many PERIPHERAL activities.  

 I am preparing myself to become a coach of “PROJECT MANAGEMENT”. I have become a member of Project Management Institute (PMI), USA ( and preparing for the internationally credential PMP (Project Management Professional) exam. I have become a student once again. I am initiating “PMchecklist1234” a Coaching and Consulting venture on “Project Management”. I am seeking support from my all friends, present and former colleagues, well-wishers, institutes, organizations and public for my new venture. 


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