Prakriti Jal Urja Pump for Community Rural Water Supply and Micro-Irrigation

Colonel (Retd.) Binay Kumar (Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand) is promoting an unique pump (he named it Prakriti Jal Urja) in Jharkhnad which runs on hydraulic pressure. It does not require fuel of any kind (diesel / petrol, electricity, human or animal driven). It runs for 24 hours. It is environment friendly and pollution free.  It can be used for multipurpose i.e. Community Rural Water Supply, Micro-irrigation,  for animal use etc. It is suitable for hilly and mountainous areas of India. Quality of life of poor tribal people who lives in remote hilly and forest area will improve significantly if we promote this pump widely.

CONGRATULATION Col. Binay Kumar for your innovation and continuous effort.


  1. Congratulations to Prakriti for using a hydram. We are also involved in design and development of hydrams. It would be nice to share ideas


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