Two Taxi Drivers

During my travel to Bangalore to participate in a training programme, I met two taxi drivers in the month of December 2009. One at Bangalore airport on 9th Dec. 2009 at 2.30 am in the night and other at Kolkata airport on 12th Dec. 2009 at 9.00 am in the morning. The first one was a private taxi owner while the second one attached to the prepaid taxi service of the airport. The first one took me from Bangalore airport to Bangalore city bus stand. While the second one supposed to drop me at Nager Bazaar town hall of Kolkata.

The first one took additional care and responsibility i.e. searched bus ticket counter, found the particular bus for Mysore and boarded me in the bus. While the second one dropped me at Dumdum town hall instead of Nager Bazaar town hall. The first one helped me out of context while the second one cheated me i.e. did not take to the destination for which I had deposited money at pre-paid taxi counter.

I rewarded the first one with additional money but complained to the manager of pre-paid taxi counter against the second one. There was much likelihood that I might face difficulties by the first one in the night but the second one cheated me in the broad daylight.

Service delivery differs from person to person and has its own reward and recognition.


  1. Really its a nice observation from your side bishnu. Its a fact and you can't deny it.


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