My First Job : An Educational Trainee in Regional Science Centre

I joined my  first job  in Regional Science Centre (RSC), Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 3rd Feb 1992.

I worked there for a year from 3rd Feb 1992 to 2nd Feb 1993 as an Educational Trainee.
I had completed B.Sc in Physics Honours from Utkal University, Odisha in Aug. 1991 but could not get a seat in M.Sc. as I  scored only 67 % marks and also applied to only to three universities.

While preparing for Bank PO and other competitive exams. I got selected in RSC, Bhubaneswar.
As an Educational trainee I was teaching and guiding high school students in theory and models of physics. I was undertaking Mobile Science Exhibition (MSE), School Demonstration Lecture (SDL) and Gallery Model Guidance (GMG). At that time I was getting salary of Rs.1,400/- (one thousand four hundred rupees only) per month for the work in RSC.

I had covered many high schools of seven districts (Cuttack, Kendrapara, Jajpur, Puri, Nayagarh, Balasore, and Bhadrak) of Odisha with Mobile Science Exhibition Bus and guided thousands of students on physical science.

I learned a lot i.e. interaction with students and teachers, liking people as they are,  rural environment of Odisha,  presenting things in simplified form and developing reading habit from my first job.


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