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HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2011 and 9 ways to keep your New Year's resolutions

By Dana Dratch •

•Make your resolution something you want, not what other people want.
•Create a realistic action plan to fulfill your New Year's resolution.
•Have someone hold you accountable for sticking to your New Year's goals.

With the start of a new decade, let's make sure you stick to those New Year's resolutions.
If your New Year's resolutions from last year have gone unresolved, you're not alone. Now a new year offers another opportunity to achieve your goals, and these nine tips should help you keep to your

New Year's resolutions.
1. Make it something you really want. Don't make it a resolution that you "should" want or what other people tell you to want. It has to fit with your own values. "Put some thought into it," says Richard O'Connor, Ph.D., author of "Happy at Last: The Thinking Person's Guide to Finding Joy." And avoid knee-jerk New Year's resolutions, he says. "I …

Merry Christmas


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Secretary General's message on UN Day 2010

On United Nations Day, I express my great appreciation to the millions of people throughout the world who believe deeply in our work for peace, development and human rights… and who uphold our ideals and help us achieve our goals. To all of you… friends and fellow citizens of the world… I say: thank you.

Sixty-five years ago on this date, the founding Charter of the United Nations entered into force. Every year on UN Day, we reaffirm our global mission. We reassert the universal values of tolerance, mutual respect and human dignity. And we recognize the progress we have made together: gains in literacy and life expectancy… the spread of knowledge and technology... advances in democracy and the rule of law.

But above all, UN Day is a day on which we resolve to do more. More to protect those caught up in armed conflict, to fight climate change and avert nuclear catastrophe; more to expand opportunities for women and girls, and to combat injustice and impunity; more to meet the Millennium …

The Human Development Concept

Human Development is a development paradigm that is about much more than the rise or fall of national incomes. It is about creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests. People are the real wealth of nations. Development is thus about expanding the choices people have to lead lives that they value. And it is thus about much more than economic growth, which is only a means —if a very important one —of enlarging people’s choices.

Fundamental to enlarging these choices is building human capabilities —the range of things that people can do or be in life. The most basic capabilities for human development are to lead long and healthy lives, to be knowledgeable, to have access to the resources needed for a decent standard of living and to be able to participate in the life of the community. Without these, many choices are simply not available, and many opportunities in life remain inaccessi…

Development Inspiration from Deep Joshi

Padmashri Deep Joshi needs no introduction. He is the "father-figure" and "Guru" of development professionals in India. He is the co-founder (with Vijay Mahajan) of  one of the best Professional Development Organizations of the world   "PRADAN".

"In electing Deep Joshi to receive the 2009 Ramon Magsaysay Award, the board of trustees recognizes his vision and leadership in bringing professionalism to the NGO movement in India by effectively combining ‘head’ and ‘heart’ in the transformative work of rural development".

I had the opportunity to work in PRADAN (from 1st June 1996 to  31st Aug. 2009 : 13 years) and learned lots of things from Deep Joshi.

I am remembering  some of his "Quotes" and "advice" and hope these will inspire young professionals, personnel of NGOs, Research & Resource organizations, academicians, administrators, policy makers and public for development. 

• “If only more people equipped…

Life still has a meaning

If there a future there is a time for mending -
Time to see your troubles coming to an ending.

Life is never hopeless however great your sorrow
If you are looking forward to a new tomorrow.

If there is time for wishing then there is time for hoping -
When through doubt and darkness you are blindly groping.

Though the heart be heavy and hurt yoy may be feeling -
If there is time for praying there is time for healing.

So if through your window there is a new day breaking -
Thank God for the promise, though mind and soul be aching.

If with harvest over there is grain enough for gleaning -
There is a new tomorrow and life still has meaning.

Collected from i - inspire,  published in i-Next, Ranchi, 3rd April 2010.

Important UN & International Days

27 January International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust

20 February World Day of Social Justice
21 February International Mother Language Day

8 March International Women’s Day
21 March International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
22 March World Water Day
25 March International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

2 April World Autism Awareness Day
4 April International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action
7 April World Health Day
7 April International Day of Reflection on the Genocide in Rwanda
23 April World Book and Copyright Day

3 May World Press Freedom Day
15 May International Day of Families
17 May World Telecommunication and Information Society Day
21 May World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
22 May International Day for Biological Diversity
29 May International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers

4 June International Day of Innocent C…

Innovator of Jharkhand: Col (Retd) Binay Kumar

Col. (Retd) Binay Kumar who belongs to Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand has innovated and demonstrated in installing a unique pump set which runs for 24 hours without use of any fuel (diesel, petrol, electricity, animal or human driven etc.). He named it as PRAKRITI JAL URJA Pump. The pump works on hydraulic power and lifts water from lower to a higher level.

He installed two schemes in Hazaribagh & Koderma district of Jharkhand under Mukhya Mantri Kissan Khushali Yojna (MMKKY), Govt. of Jharkhand.

Salient Features & Benefits

• It uses energy of flowing water of spring, stream, canal or river to pump
part of falling water to a height above the source.
• Lifts water to an elevation three to five times more than the water fall for Irrigation. Water can be lifted to ten times more than the water fall for Drinking water.
• Runs continuously for 24 hours.
• No cost of running i.e.
It does not require any kind of fuel (diesel, petrol, kerosene, electric, solar, animal or human driven powe…

World Population Day 2010: Everyone Counts

Counting everyone is an integral part of ensuring that we take everyone into account. Good demographic data is critical for planning schools, health systems and public transportation, for designing policies based on future population projections, for monitoring the effectiveness of service delivery and much more.

This year World Population Day highlights the importance of data for development. The focus is on the 2010 round of the population and housing census, data analysis for development and UNFPA’s lead role in population and development.

Reliable data makes a difference, and the key is to collect, analyze and disseminate data in a way that drives good decision making. The numbers that emerge from data collection can illuminate important trends. What striking situation does research reveal in your country? What do the numbers tell you about progress toward meeting the MDGs? Are certain groups getting left behind ?

Prakriti Jal Urja Pump for Community Rural Water Supply and Micro-Irrigation

Colonel (Retd.) BinayKumar (Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand) is promoting an unique pump (he named it PrakritiJalUrja) in Jharkhnad which runs on hydraulic pressure. It does not require fuel of any kind (diesel / petrol, electricity, human or animal driven). It runs for 24 hours. It is environment friendly and pollution free.  It can be used for multipurpose i.e. Community Rural Water Supply, Micro-irrigation,  for animal use etc. It is suitable for hilly and mountainous areas of India. Quality of life of poor tribal people who lives in remote hilly and forest area will improve significantly if we promote this pump widely.

CONGRATULATION Col. BinayKumar for your innovation and continuous effort.

CV of Bishnu C Parida

GoI - UN Joint Programme on Convergence in Jharkhand

Two Taxi Drivers

During my travel to Bangalore to participate in a training programme, I met two taxi drivers in the month of December 2009. One at Bangalore airport on 9th Dec. 2009 at 2.30 am in the night and other at Kolkata airport on 12th Dec. 2009 at 9.00 am in the morning. The first one was a private taxi owner while the second one attached to the prepaid taxi service of the airport. The first one took me from Bangalore airport to Bangalore city bus stand. While the second one supposed to drop me at Nager Bazaar town hall of Kolkata.

The first one took additional care and responsibility i.e. searched bus ticket counter, found the particular bus for Mysore and boarded me in the bus. While the second one dropped me at Dumdum town hall instead of Nager Bazaar town hall. The first one helped me out of context while the second one cheated me i.e. did not take to the destination for which I had deposited money at pre-paid taxi counter.

I rewarded the first one with additional money but complained to th…

Returned to Ranchi

I along with family members returned Ranchi from home state Odisha today (31st May 2010).

I have to complete lots of pending works.

I will post new thing in my blog on next Sunday (6th June 2010).

My First Job : An Educational Trainee in Regional Science Centre

I joined my  first job  in Regional Science Centre (RSC), Bhubaneswar, Odisha on 3rd Feb 1992.

I worked there for a year from 3rd Feb 1992 to 2nd Feb 1993 as an Educational Trainee.
I had completed B.Sc in Physics Honours from Utkal University, Odisha in Aug. 1991 but could not get a seat in M.Sc. as I  scored only 67 % marks and also applied to only to three universities.

While preparing for Bank PO and other competitive exams. I got selected in RSC, Bhubaneswar.
As an Educational trainee I was teaching and guiding high school students in theory and models of physics. I was undertaking Mobile Science Exhibition (MSE), School Demonstration Lecture (SDL) and Gallery Model Guidance (GMG). At that time I was getting salary of Rs.1,400/- (one thousand four hundred rupees only) per month for the work in RSC.

I had covered many high schools of seven districts (Cuttack, Kendrapara, Jajpur, Puri, Nayagarh, Balasore, and Bhadrak) of Odisha with Mobile Science Exhibition Bus and guided thousan…

Three Generations

My mother (MalatiParida, 72 years), myself (BishnuParida, 40 years) and my daughter (ShubhraParida, 9 years) are belong to three generations. More than 30 years gap among us. We have lots of similarities and differences. Same time we share some common things like  "LOVE &  BELONGINGS".

My mother, Shubhra & myself 

With mother in my Odisha home

Mother & Shubhra

My father : Late "Gandharba Parida"

UNV PO (India country head)’s Jharkhand visit

Anoj Chhetri, India country head of United Nation Volunteers (UNV) visited Hazaribagh & Gumla district of Jharkhand on 13 & 14th May 2010. I accompanied him during the visit as State Project Officer (SPO) of GoI – UN Joint Programme on Convergence. On 13th May 2010 in Hazaribagh district he visited Kanchanpur village and interacted with women SHG members. In the district headquarter he discussed with District Planning Officer (DPO) and UN district team members (District Facilitator & District Support Officer).

On 14th May 2010 he visited Gumla district, discussed with District Planning Officer (DPO) and UN district team members (District Facilitator & District Support Officer) in DPMU (District Planning & Monitoring Unit) office. He visited “Jhargoan” the model convergence village and interacted with women SHG members and community leaders. He met beneficiaries of DRI (Differential Rate of Interest) scheme of Bank in a slum and also in a programme organized by Punj…

13th marriage anniversary

I & my wife Matanjali celebrated our 13th marriage anniversary in a simple way on 8th May 2010 in our  Ranchi (Jharkhand) house. My daughter Shubhra and sister-in-law Puspanjali organized the cake-cutting programme.

Warrior of the Light Online

New Year : New beginning

On the first day of new year - 2010, I resolved that I would write regularly about Human beings, Development, Environment,  my experience and ideas. I wrote one paragraph yesterday.

I moved to a new rented house of Doranda, Ranchi near my office yesterday. Now I am commuting to office on a bicycle.