We are living in a time and space where things are changing frequently and rapidly. There is nothing permanent in nature except change. Change is inevitable. All changes are not bad. Many changes bring advancement in science and technology, prosperity, growth and development in the society. There will be always changes in economic, social, technological and environmental aspects in everywhere in the world.

Many changes make things complex and our lives complicated. We may not stop changes but we can learn and prepare ourselves to face the challenges of changes. We can simplify our lives. There are always simple ways to solve complicated problems. There are always simple answers to serious questions. We should explore it using our common sense and wisdom. Experience is the best teacher for us. We should learn from ours’ as well as others’ experiences and apply these to the changing situations accordingly. We should find out simple ways to enrich our lives.

Beware of over-simplification. It may not be the right approach to solve the complicated problems. Half knowledge is dangerous. For example we can not repair a broken leg simply putting a brandaid over it. We have to go for detail x-ray report and plaster it thoroughly by a qualified surgeon.
Simplification is not an automatic process. It takes much time, repeated practice and patience to develop simpler ways to complex problems. Share your experience and wisdom, consult and collaborate with others to develop simple ways for peace, success and happier living.
Simply yours,


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