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Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

S & S # 3 (Dated 11th Dec. 2016)
Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff                                                                       - Dr. Richard Carlson, Ph. D

“Whenever we are dealing with a Bad news, a difficult person, or a disappointment of some kind,  most of us get into certain habits, ways of reacting to life – particularly adversity – that don’t serve us very well. We overreact, blow things out of proportion, hold on too tightly, and focus on the negative aspects of life. When we are immobilized by little things – when we are irritated, annoyed, and easily bothered – our (over-) reaction not only make us frustrated but actually get in the way of getting what we want. We lose sight of the bigger picture, focus on the negative, and annoy other people who might otherwise help us. In short, we live our lives as if they were one great emergency! We often rush around looking busy, trying to solve problems, but in reality we often compounding them. Because everything seems like suc…