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New Year Resolutions, Wishes and Habits - II

(Motivational Series for Personal and Professional Development) Series # 2 (Dt. 10-2-2016, Wednesday)
There are several reasons for discontinuation of action to achieve New Year Resolutions. Some of these are Lack of self-awareness about one’s higher-level interests, priorities,core strengths and weaknesses (although people keep on telling about these)MindsetHabitLack of preparation before setting New Year resolutionsSetting too ambitious target to be achieved in short span of timeLack of implementation plan – just wishes in the mind (not in written form)Changing or stopping resolutions just after initial failure or set back

How we can set action plan to achieve our resolutions
Each day is a new day in our life. It does not matter that we should set resolutions only in the beginning of the year. On the other hand there is no harm in setting New Year resolutions just before the New Year or on the New Year day or in the first week of the year.   All we need self-analysis / reflection of o…

New Year Resolutions, Wishes and Habits

Motivational Series for Personal and Professional Development

Series # 1 (Dt. 3-2-2016, Wednesday)
Few days before the New Year and during the first week of New Year most of us become excited and emotionally charged to bring some changes in us and in the world. We wish Happy New Year to our family members, friends, colleagues and others. We celebrate it in different ways.
“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering it will be happier …” – Alfred Lord Tennyson.

We make many Resolutions to stop bad habits i.e.  Smoking, eating junk foods, procrastination, short temper, negative thinking, use less mobile and internet. And start new habits and develop skills i.e. start fitness regime (going to Gym, attend a Yoga class, Walking etc.), Reading and Writing, Drawing, Dancing, Cultivate good manners, Be assertive, Proactive, Helping wife in Household things, Teaching children etc. 
We also prepare wish list for our professional life / workplace i.e. to reach office early, Pla…