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Development Inspiration from Deep Joshi

Padmashri Deep Joshi needs no introduction. He is the "father-figure" and "Guru" of development professionals in India. He is the co-founder (with Vijay Mahajan) of  one of the best Professional Development Organizations of the world   "PRADAN".

"In electing Deep Joshi to receive the 2009 Ramon Magsaysay Award, the board of trustees recognizes his vision and leadership in bringing professionalism to the NGO movement in India by effectively combining ‘head’ and ‘heart’ in the transformative work of rural development".

I had the opportunity to work in PRADAN (from 1st June 1996 to  31st Aug. 2009 : 13 years) and learned lots of things from Deep Joshi.

I am remembering  some of his "Quotes" and "advice" and hope these will inspire young professionals, personnel of NGOs, Research & Resource organizations, academicians, administrators, policy makers and public for development. 

• “If only more people equipped…