Innovation, the key for winning organisations

Innovation is all about research and development turned into an application, and needs to come from all levels within an organisation. It should not be limited to new product development, but be applied to systems, processes and day-to-day operations, pointed out experts on the second day of the 36th National Management Convention organised by the All-India Management Association (AIMA), here.
Dr J.J. Irani highlighted how hierarchy can kill innovation in a company. Citing the example of how the Tatas, in their bid to encourage innovation, had instituted the Innovista Awards which recognised people with out-of-the-box ideas, he said constant innovation is important to any organisation.
Mr D. Shivakumar, Vice-President and Managing Director of Nokia India, spoke on the innovative culture within his company. Nokia is where everyone needs to be innovative – innovation is not the responsibility of only the top management but a work culture, he said. While price is important, value is even more important.
Nokia, he said, has had many innovations such as SMS, the Nokia communicator, camera in a phone, TV on phones and energy saving mobiles, but he stressed that it was more important to execute innovation than to merely innovate. After all innovation starts and ends with the customer, he said.

Chennai, Sept. 19
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